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About Us

Hannah Pearson, founder of Gentle Green

Gentle Green was started by Hannah Pearson at her home in Devon. As a child, she suffered from severe eczema and spent many years researching holistic medicine and natural alternatives to the conventional steroid treatments.

Hannah’s interest in natural remedies and plant medicines intensified when she lived in the Himalayas and studied the use of plants in medicine. On returning to the UK with her two young children, she developed her passion for natural remedies and has been a practitioner and teacher of natural medicine since 1999.

Hannah is passionate about supporting well-being and excited by the growing awareness of the need to treat the whole mind body and spirit condition when looking to remedy disease. Research is proving that natural medicine supports the body’s own healing abilities. She believes that integrating natural healthcare into the mainstream is a very real evolution, as we can see how it is inextricably linked to creating sustainable well-being.

Hannah formulates remedies that are both effective and uncompromised and she is glad to be making them widely available so that many can benefit. She is totally committed to integral, authentic and honest living that positively impacts people and planet.