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Gentle Green and ORGANii Collaboration

We are delighted to announce a collaboration!

For all our customers, especially those who know and love Gentle Green skin care, we have very good news. Due to the success of the Soothing Cream and in order to meet the rapidly-growing demand for it, Gentle Green formulator Hannah Pearson and the ORGANii Everyday Organics brand have entered into a long-term business relationship.

By collaborating, while focusing on our specific talents, we can make sure that these unique effective formulas for dry and sensitive skin maintain their uncompromising high quality and raw ingredients. Working together means these products will be available to as many people who can benefit as possible.

As well as the Soothing Cream, Hannah is developing a complete range specifically for those with sensitive and allergy-prone skin. She says: “with many years experience of eczema and dry skin conditions and treating them naturally, and as a health consultant and herbalist, it gives me great pleasure to be working alongside Graeme and the ORGANii team to bring hypo-allergenic, organic and potent sensitive skin care to a wider audience.”

Our Soothing Cream will be available in May with new packaging and the ORGANii branding. Keep your eyes open for other formulas that Hannah is developing as they are launched over the coming months in the ORGANii sensitive skin range.

Graeme Hume, the owner of ORGANii Everyday Organics, has been distributing natural and organic skincare for over 17 years to high street health shops, and believes that the product should be more widely available. GraemeHume says “we believe that not only is the eczema- and psoriasis-friendly Soothing Cream award-winning but it actually works, and health shops and online retailers need products that work without synthetic ingredients”.

In addition to the return of the Soothing Cream, Hannah has formulated a brand new Face & Body Oil, also for sensitive skin, and this will be made available at the same time, with further new formulations over the coming months.

We expect to have both Soothing Cream and Face & Body Oil available in late May.