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ORGANii Intensive Soothing Cream

Intensive care for dry and sensitive skin. 100% natural and vegan moisturiser. Suitable for all ages and skin types.

50ml jar

Problem gold 13 72dpi RGBGold Winner, Problem Skin Category, ‘FreeFrom’ SkinCare Awards 2013

Runner-up, Best Overall Product, ‘FreeFrom’ SkinCare Awards 2013


Shea Fruit butter | Avocado butter | Coconut butter | Sunflower oil | Rosehip seed oil | Hemp seed oil | Sea Buckthorn fruit | Marshmallow | Calendula | Chickweed | St John’s wort | Nettle leaf | Roman Chamomile | Manuka | Lavender


Water | Emulsifiers | Synthetic fragrance or colourants | Alcohol or preservatives | Lanolin | Beeswax | Nut oils incl. Peanut, Almond or Argan oil | Olive oil | Gluten or wheat extracts | Sodium lauryl sulphate (SLS) | Phthalates | Parabens, Petro-Chemicals, Agro chemicals or Mineral oil | Urea | Cortisones | Silicones | Aluminium | Citrus | Triclosan


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